HFO Diesel Generators Service and Maintenance Sierra Leone Africa

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USP&E Global, a world leading Texas-based diesel generator and power station switchgear sales, installation and service company, has a new HFO & Diesel Generator product line that is making huge waves in the remote power station industry.

The backbone of their product offering, USP&E’s containerized diesel and HFO product line is truly a remarkable advance that have been exceeding the expectations of their clients. The USP&E Containerized Power Plant (UCPP) is a containerized diesel generator with either a Niigata, Hyundai HiMSEN, or Wartsila engine as its prime mover. But more than that, it is an engineering marvel – a modular, scalable system that includes all auxiliary equipment, making for a truly Plug-and-Play power plant with short lead-times, short installation times, and unparalleled ease-of-operation enhanced by low operating costs. With Gold prices worldwide breaking records each month, these advances in engineering, procurement and power station construction are boosting gold mining production for mining entities in Africa and around the world.

For more information, see their entire inventory over 2500 generators (new and used) at http://www.uspowerco.com. Or email the team directly at info@uspowerco.com.

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