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HFO Generators.
Visit http://www.uspowerco.com for all of your HFO Generator related needs. USP&E Global can be reach at any time via email at info@uspowerco.com.

HFO Generators

Dallas-based USP&E Global has witnessed a dramatic uptick in HFO generator business as their warehouses and manufacturing plants are shipping everything in stock. In fact, 2010 revenues were up over 300% compared to 2009. While USP&E has grown to be a global technology company specializing in industrial and commercial power station and data center construction services, many other firms are looking to capitalize on the burgeoning demand of the middle classes in developing regions around the world as well.  These nations are looking for HFO Generators and many are calling on companies like USP&E Global.


Companies like USP&E Global are a part of the leading edge of multinational firms invigorated by a new gold rush of economic activity in Africa and rapidly developing nations such as Iraq and Brazil.  While USP&E sells renewable and natural gas solutions, their offering of portable HFO Generators are the primary and most feasible solution for most of their emerging market clients at present.

USP&E is a Dallas-based global technology solutions provider that focuses on engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance of diesel generators and HFO Generators worldwide. For more information on their offerings see http://www.uspowerco.com.  Or, please watch our company video on our HFO products here.



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